Worlds Collide

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Stop fidgeting.”

“It itches Smecker.” I pulled at the lace collar of my new dress as we walked towards the prison.

“Stop. Fidgeting.”

” I don’t want to wear a dress.” I scuffed my heel in the gravel. “I feel stupid.”

“Your school uniform was a dress.”

” No. It was a sweater and a skirt. Black and grey. This is pink. And it has bows.”

“What’s wrong with pink bows?” Smecker asked, a defensive look creeping across his face.

“Nothing. If you’re four and going to grammy’s house for tea. I look like a cake.”

We joined the lineup of people heading into the Hoag for visitors day.

“I think you look nice.”

“I look like a cake. A fancy cake. But a cake.”

“Oh really?”

“For god’s sake.” Bloom reached over and tore the huge bow off the back of my dress, tossing it into the dust as the line moved forward. She smiled at me. “There. Now you look like a lady.”

“That makes one of you,” Smecker muttered.

“Pardon me?”

“I’m sorry. It must be hard to hear me over those shoes. I SAID…”

“Identification please,” said the guard.

Smecker handed over our fake passports and smiled. “My name is…”

“Don’t need your life story. Just your identification.”

“Charming.” The guard handed the passports back to Smecker and waved us through.

We walked up the cement steps and headed inside. Smecker looked at me. “That was easier than I thought it would be.”

“Guard was obviously fooled by my cunning cake disguise.”

Smecker snorted. “Here we are.” He turned and walked into the Visitors Room.

I couldn’t move. Bloom bent down and straightened my collar. “This dress is ridiculous.”


“Are you alright little saint?”

I swallowed hard. ” It’s just… I’m…”


I nodded.

“Don’t be. They are going to love you.”

“Do you think so?”

“I know so.” She stood up. “Let’s go in.”

We went in and joined Smecker at the information desk.

“Name of the inmate you’re here to see?” asked the guard.

“MacManus. Connor and Murphy.”

“One sec.” The guard walked away, reaching for his radio. I was so excited I started to shake. Bloom squeezed my shoulder. “Breathe,” she whispered.

The guard came back. “Sorry folks. The MacManus brothers are in the infirmary. No visitors until cleared, and doc says that’s not for another 24 hours. At least.”

“Thank you officer,” said Smecker.

“THANK YOU?!?” Smecker steered me away from the desk.

“Now what?” said Bloom.

Smecker shrugged. “We’ll just have to wait.”


“Lower your voice,” he hissed.

“Wait. My family’s in trouble and you want me to…wait. Forget it.”

Turning away, ignoring me, Smecker turned to Bloom. I walked over to the window and looked out, trying not to cry. How could I be so close to my family and not be allowed to see them? To hug them?

“It’s not fair,” I sniffed, wiping my nose on my sleeve.

“FINE. How are YOU planning on getting into the infirmary?” Smecker whispered, a little too loudly.

I stopped, took a breath, and looked over to Bloom. She caught my eye and I carefully mouthed the words “I HAVE A PLAN.”

“Oh sweet Jesus,” she said.


Smecker turned to look as I dropped to the floor and pretended to seize. I shook and spasmed like I was being electrocuted. For a moment, nobody moved. Then Smecker stepped forward.

“Don’t just stand there. DO SOMETHING.”

Guards rushed towards me. I closed my eyes and lay still. I felt myself being lifted into the air, carried, then heard a door open and close.

“What’s this?”

“Sorry doc. She collapsed in the Visitors Room. Poor thing. Looked like she had a bad seizure.”

“Put her on the bed.”

I felt myself being laid down on a scratchy sheet, then cold metal on my chest. I tried not to move.

“Pulse and respiration are normal. Leave her with me. I’ll watch over her until she comes around.”

“Thanks doc.”

I heard the door open and close, papers rustling, then a radio crackling.

“You there doc?”

“Go ahead.”

“There’s been a scrap in the yard. Cuts and bruises. Can you come?”

“On my way.”

The door opened and closed. I waited a moment, then opened my eyes.

I was in what looked to be the doctor’s office. Filing cabinets. Medical supplies. A big desk. And a huge glass wall. I got to my feet and looked through to the other side.

There were four men, asleep in their beds. One I couldn’t quite see. One with long dark hair, hooked up to an IV. Next to him lay a man with brown hair and A tattoo of what looked like the cross on his back. I tried to look closer, my breath fogging up the glass.

The man closest to me yawned and stretched and scratched his head. He had veritas written on his hand.

“That’s them.”

Carefully, quietly, I walked to the office door, unlocked it, and went into the other room.

“Is that you Doc?”

I couldn’t speak.

The man with veritas on his hand rolled over and looked at me. His eyes widened and he sat bolt upright. For a moment, neither of us spoke.

“It’s you.”

I nodded. He opened his arms and I ran into them.

I’ve never felt so safe.

  1. Moira that was awesome!!!!! πŸ˜€ The Saints finally meet their lost sister!! πŸ˜€ That was SO good and I love how witty Moira is! πŸ˜€ That was a incredibly smart way of getting her into the infirmary! Great job!! I can’t wait to see the continuing epicness! πŸ˜€ GREAT JOB!!!!

  2. So proud of you, this is really good. I love the cake comment. hehe Keep it up, you are an amazing talented writer! πŸ™‚

  3. Amen — the saints are reunited:) Brilliant once again. . I believe Moira will need a latin word as well — Virtus maybe for virtue or Beatus for blessed. Cannot wait to see where this adventure is headed. More more more!!

  4. Apryl (@Flanerygrl) says:

    WOW! Worth the wait to read…speechless!

  5. This is brilliant, sweetie!!! I absolutely LOVE it! I got all teary-eyed reading the part where he opens his arms up and you run into them! How precious! Can’t wait for more!! Love you, sweetheart! ❀

  6. haha…”I look like a cake.” That part was funny and I love this!

    I just adore your writing and I wish I could give you HUGS for this.

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